Tenkara Hansha Episode 4 with Karel Lansky

karel lansky tenkara hansha episode 4

Welcome to the newest Tenkara Hansha Episode 4 with Karel Lansky. Karel is the mind behind TenkaraOnTheFly.

I was lucky enough to spend a few days running around Rocky Mountain National Park tenkara fishing with him. It was a great time and many fish were caught during these adventures.

Karel and I have a long history with tenkara in Colorado. This trip was just an extension of this history. During the time that we have known each other, we have had some pretty amazing trips. These most recent days of fishing tenkara only added to the file of stories we can share.

Shortly after returning from Rocky Mountain National Park, I was lucky enough to have Karel sit down with me and record this episode of the Tenkara Hansha Podcast. It is always fun chatting with him, especially after fishing so many days with him during his visit to Colorado.

Check out the site here Tenkara On The Fly by Karel Lansky

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