Big Thompson February 2019 Report

big thompson river february 2019 report

Here is the Big Thompson February 2019 Report by Charlie Schoenherr.

charlie schoenherr February 2019 report

The river is still slightly frozen, but opens up more towards the tailwaters of Lake Estes. The inlet into the lake is open on sunny days, but will freeze over with a few days of cooler weather. The canyon is still as gorgeous as ever, and the water is as clear as can be. Find some deeper holes, and toss a weighted nymph down there and just wait. Fish are eager to eat, but not eager to move, so make sure your drift is clean and slow. The slower the better. I would also suggest using smaller indicators because you can see the strikes much more prevalent.

Patterns that were working really well: Pink San Juan Worm sz 18-22, beadhead Pheasant Tail sz. 20-24, and Zebra midges sz. 18-22. Streamers in sz. 4-8 were working really well! I tie a white articulated streamer with a conehead that absolutely slays aggressive truchas. They were coming out of the wood works chasing it down, but were tentative when it came to striking the fly. Strip your streamers in many different styles, go really slow, go really fast, strip quick quick, slow, and let your fly “die” in the water.

beaded san juan worm big thompson february 2019 report

There are some great fish to be caught out there. Brave the wind, face the cold, and keep your lines tight. Good luck out there!

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Visit the USGS Current Conditions for the Big Thompson River here. By visiting the link you will be able to see the most recent gage readings for the Big Thompson.

If you have any additional questions on the Big Thompson February 2019 Report, please leave a comment below. You can also contact Charlie directly through his Guide Page.

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