Bold Betties 2019 Fly Fishing Adventure

Introducing people to fly fishing is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when it comes to awesome groups like the Bold Betties Fly Fishing Adventure.

This was the second year that I have done a Bold Betties Adventure and I can’t wait to do more. With a focus on really cool adventures, the members of the Bold Betties get to experience amazing things.

The 2019 Bold Betties Fly Fishing Adventure

The 2019 Bold Betties Fly Fishing Adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park was at least in my opinion a rocking success. The 6 women who participated in this adventure were all super cool and fun to be around. There was a ton of laughing, joking, and camaraderie that was simply infectious.

A Great Start to a Fun Weekend

bold betties fly fishing adventure rock cut brewing
The Rock Cut Brewing Company Taproom
Location: Rock Cut Brewing Estes Park, CO

The adventure started with all the ladies meeting Charlie Schoenherr and I at the Rock Cut Brewery, which by the way, is my favorite brewery in Estes Park. After a few beers and getting a chance to get to know each other, we headed to dinner at the Grubsteak Restaurant in downtown Estes Park. Everyone had an amazing dinner from the reviews I heard on the way out.

grubsteak restuarant 2019 bold betties fly fishing adventure
Charlie talking up fly fishing with the ladies!!!
Location: Grubsteak Restaurant Estes Park, CO

Charlie and I were able to distribute waders and boots to four of the ladies who needed them at the YMCA of The Rockies where they were staying.

A Cold First Day Of Summer

a cold morning in the Rocky Mountains
A beautiful, cold morning in the Rocky Mountains

We woke to a cold, snowy Saturday morning before heading into Rocky Mountain National Park. Everyone bundled up and did what they could to stay warm. We had a mix of rain, snow, sun throughout the day.

The Adventure Begins: Dream Lake

a small bay on dream lake

The hike to Dream Lake was absolutely breathtaking. Arriving at Dream Lake, Charlie took over instructing the ladies in how to rig their rods and get them ready for casting instruction.

The ladies and guides saw plenty of fish in Dream Lake although we got very little interest from the fish in our flies. It was a great pleasure to watch the women in our group work on perfecting their casts. By the time we were done with the lake, everyone had their cast dialed in, even teaching me a few things related to the cast.

After a tasty lunch we went into the area known as Moraine Park to work on moving water skills. Plenty of fish were spotted, few made it to hand. Celia, the Alpha Betty hooked into a couple of nice fish de-skunking the group.

The winds whipped up and the fishing wound down but every one still had a smile on their faces.

The Adventure Continues

Sunday rolled around with a half day trip for three of the ladies. Exploring the Wild Basin area with them was really fun. Finding a nail in your tire can put a damper on things.

Charlie, the good guy that he is, stepped up and swapped out the tire for Stacy before we headed out for the morning of fishing. The flat didn’t put a damper on the trip at all, in fact I think it added to the adventure.

every good guide knows how to change a tire
Charlie is a master at changing a tire!

The ladies and guides worked both up river and down river fishing and having fun. Again, Celia was the fish slayer that morning, with a squirmy worm as the ticket to ride.

With the afternoon quickly approaching, the 2019 Bold Betties Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Adventure came to an end.

I know that I had a great time and look forward to many more fly fishing adventures with the Bold Betties.

If you are someone you know wants to set up a similiar adventure, please reach out to us either by phone at 303-520-8249 or send us an email.

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Graham Moran

Graham is the Owner and Head Guide for GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing. He has been fishing most if his life. Fly fishing entered his realm of interest when he was 16 years old. Graham asked his grandfather if he would teach him. His grandfather said yes, and now Graham is a fly fishing guide with a passion of teaching others. When Graham is not guiding you will find him at home with his wife and kids. If he is not with his wife and kids you will find him working on his other website

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