2019 Gift List

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With the Holidays just around the corner, the staff of GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing created the 2019 Gift List for the fly angler in your life!

2019 Gift List: Books

When the weather outside if frightful, fishing tends to take a back seat. Because of this, there is one of two things to do. First, cuddle by the fire with a good book. Two, cuddle by the fire with your favorite person.

I, Graham, do a little of both. Being with my wife and kids is one of my favorite things. This can be done with or without a book. By far, my book of choice has something to do with fly fishing.

Here are a few of my favorite books to add to your fly anglers book shelf.

Tenkara – the book by Daniel Galhardo

tenkara the book by daniel galhardo 2019 gift list
tenkara the book

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best books on tenkara in the English language currently. Daniel Galhardo, the founder of Tenkara USA, shares everything he has learned as a tenkara angler. Through stories and instruction, virtually anyone can learn tenkara from this book. For someone looking to learn a simplified style of fly fishing, this is THE BOOK!

Tenkara Today by Morgan Lyle

tenkara today 2019 gift list
Tenkara Today

The practice of tenkara has come a long way in the last ten years in the United States. For that matter, it has grown in popularity in Japan. With this growth have come a few new authors to the world of fly fishing. Morgan Lyle, wrote another book titled, Simple Flies before writing the newest tome of tenkara.

This book is not just about tenkara, it covers all fixed line fly fishing. I have loved reading this book, with lots of new tricks and techniques to try in the future thanks to Morgan. You can read my complete review here.

Tactical Nymphing by Devin Olsen

tactical nymphing by devin olsen book cover 2019 gift list
Tactical Nymphing by Devin Olsen

For the fly fishing angler who wants to become a truly successful nymph fisherman, Devin Olsen’s book is amazing. I, Graham, have learned so much from this volume and continue to learn every time I read it. My nymphing game has definitely improved and I am super excited to see what happens next season. I will likely be reading this by the fire a few times this winter.

Down By The River by Andrew Weiner

We all have or know some little ones who love to have a book read to them at night. Down By The River is the perfect book for bed time or by the fire. Andrew Weiner, the author of the book took his passion for fly fishing and put it into a children’s book format. My kids love the book and now all they talk about is going fishing with Daddy. This is one of the greatest books to introduce kids to the wonderful sport of fly fishing.

2019 Gift List: Gear

Maybe you have a member of your family who loves to fly fish but would rather fish than read. C’est la vie! Luckily, we have you covered there as well. The following pieces of gear are items that we here at GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing would love to have on our 2019 gift list if we didn’t already have them.

Fly Rods

Dragontail Tenkara Shadowfire 365

shadowfire 365 2019 gift list

Tenkara is known for its simplicity. Yet there are a plethora of rods available on the market currently. One of the favorite tenkara rods used by the GEAR staff is the the Shadowfire 365 from Dragontail Tenkara. We love this rod for it’s smooth casting and hook setting ease. Anyone who picks up this rod can easily cast. Graham’s 5 year old son loves to cast this rod.

What makes this rod such an incredible deal is it’s price. Starting at an amazing price of $99.99, virtually anyone can get started with a tenkara rod. If you place an order with GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing, we will include 1 replacement rod tip and a Starter Kit for FREE! (A $40.00 Value).

Tenkara USA Sato Rod

Tenkara USA Sato Set

The Tenkara USA Sato has been my go to rod since it came out. This is one of the rods that I like to use when introducing tenkara to many beginners. As a Tenkara USA Certified Guide this is one of my favorite zoom rods, allowing you to literally get three rods for the price of one. Definitely, check this one out if you are looking for an awesome gift for a new or experienced angler.

Moonlit Lunar S-Glass Fly Rods

moonlit lunar s-glass fly fishing rods

I have yet to try one of the Moonlit Lunar S-Glass Fly Rods, but from what I hear they are a dream to fish with. Maybe you have that special someone who wants a really cool new rod. Here is your chance to get them their next new rod.

Fly Fishing Accessories

There are so many little accessories that you can get for the fly angler in your life. All of these accessories make it really hard to choose from. Here are just two of my favorites.

New Zealand Strike Indicator Kit

New Zealand Strike Indicator Combo Pack

I have been using the New Zealand Strike Indicator for years and I love it. This has been one of the easiest indicators I have used. Everything you need for a lifetime of fly fishing with this indicator is included in this package. Get on for your favorite anglers wading sock!

Tenkara Path Wooden Line Spool

Tenkara Path Line Spool

Hand made fly fishing gear is really fun to have! Especially when it is crafted by a true artisan. The line spools from Tenkara Path are amazing pieces of wood, turned on a lathe to function as the ultimate line holder for a tenkara line and a selection of flies. I love my Tenkara Path Line spools and know your tenkara angler will appreciate it as well.

Kavu Men’s Chillba Hat

Kavu Chillba Hat

For those anglers looking for head coverage, the Kavu Men’s Chillba Hat is amazing. For balding guys like me, this hat has been a god-send. Designed with a mesh liner, a foam structure, and a chin cord, the Chillba Hat might just be the perfect gift for an angler.

2019 Gift List: Guided Fly Fishing Trips

gear colorado fly fishing logo
GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Logo Copyright 2018

Guided fly fishing trips can be great for that hard to buy for angler. Why not get your special someone a guide trip of a lifetime?

The staff of GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Guide Services are extremely experienced fly fishing anglers. They all have a passion for teaching the art of fly fishing to beginners as well as more experienced anglers. Book a trip today to some of the most spectacular locations in Colorado.

Bold Betties 2019 Fly Fishing Adventure

Happy Holidays from GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing

We hope that you have found the 2019 Gift List useful. The authors of this post were not compensated by any of the producers of these products, nor were they paid to include any of the above products.

Please comment below with any additional suggestions or comments. Let your loved ones know how you found these products. Tell them to come here an make a comment so that we can share in the excitement of their new gear!

NOTE: GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing receives a commission from any and all sales processed through Amazon.com.

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Graham is the Owner and Head Guide for GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing. He has been fishing most if his life. Fly fishing entered his realm of interest when he was 16 years old. Graham asked his grandfather if he would teach him. His grandfather said yes, and now Graham is a fly fishing guide with a passion of teaching others. When Graham is not guiding you will find him at home with his wife and kids. If he is not with his wife and kids you will find him working on his other website https://TenkaraGrasshopper.com

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