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In these strange times, I have been talking with a few other guides and guide services. As part of these discussions, I have decided that GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Guide Services is going to again make some price changes.

Why these price changes?

I am going to be returning to the 2019 pricing structure until further notice. With the current state of the economy, I have decided that these changes are for the best.

Trip Price Changes

GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Guide Services will be offering an 8 hour full day upgrade. The original full day trip is 6 hours. Te extend from a 6 hour to an 8 hour trip will be an additional $30.

Number of AnglersHalf-Day (4 Hour)Full Day (6 Hour)

Lunch Changes With A Caveat

I am sad to say GEAR Colorado will no longer be providing lunches on full day trips. Snacks will also not be provided on half day trips either. Lunches will now be provided by the clients. This decision is based on the fact that there are clients with special dietary needs. Also, with the current health considerations, we want to make sure that clients know where their lunches are coming from.

NOTE: For clients who want us to purchase lunch, there will be a small fee added. The same will go for snacks!

Water Changes

I will be providing a bottle of water, although I would prefer that clients bring a personal water bottle. The request that clients provide a water bottle of their own is based on decreasing the environmental footprint of GEAR.

Thank you for being such amazing clients for GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Guide Services.

If you have any questions about these price changes, please feel free to reach out via email. For those of you who want to talk to a real person, you are welcome to call me at 303-520-8249 at any time.

    About The Author

    Graham Moran

    Graham is the Owner and Head Guide for GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing. He has been fishing most if his life. Fly fishing entered his realm of interest when he was 16 years old. Graham asked his grandfather if he would teach him. His grandfather said yes, and now Graham is a fly fishing guide with a passion of teaching others. When Graham is not guiding you will find him at home with his wife and kids. If he is not with his wife and kids you will find him working on his other website

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