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What is the best tenkara rod length? This question continues to arise when it comes to starting out in tenkara or as an angler gains more experience with tenkara.

In my humble opinion, as well as that of a number of tenkara anglers I fish with, the best tenkara rod length is the rod that gives you the maximum reach for the water type that you will be fishing consistently. Many tenkara rod manufacturers suggest starting out with a rod that is 12′-13′ long for the beginner as well as the experienced angler. The reasoning behind is that this length range gives the angler the opportunity to get a maximum reach for most situations while also allowing for limited space situations.

Choose the best tenkara rod length for the situation!

With a starting range of a twelve feet to thirteen feet and a line matching the rod length, the tenkara angler can fish many common situations. There are some situations where a twelve to thirteen foot rod might be a little big and difficult to cast, such as in very tight undergrowth or low slung trees. For an occurrence like this the tenkara angler might what to choose a tenkara that has what is known as a zoom rod function.

tenkara usa sato best tenkara rod length
Tenkara USA Sato
Photo Courtesy of Tenkara USA
tenkara usa rhodo best tenkara rod length
Tenkara USA Rhodo
Photo Courtesy of Tenkara USA

I would suggest the Tenkara USA Sato for most situations in the United States. The Tenkara USA Rhodo as these are my current favorite zoom style rods and also the two zoom rods I currently own. There are a number of other zoom style rods available on the market right now but I have had no experience with those rods yet so I am unable to give any opinion or guidance on those rods.

Choose wisely when it comes to the rod length you want in a tenkara rod. And first and foremost have fun while fishing and don’t fret over technical aspects of the gear, that is why I am here!

Stay tuned for more Guide Tips in the near future.

(This post was originally published on 10/29/2014. Look for an update at the end of the 2020 fishing season to see if things have changed.)

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