Fly Fishing Educational Offerings

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GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing has put together a selection of Fly Fishing Educational Offerings for you.

Because we have a passion for making fly fishing work for you, we are here to teach you what you need to know.  For that reason, GEAR Colorado has a wide range of educational offerings to choose from.  These educational offerings range from the basics of fly fishing to advanced techniques. As a result, GEAR Colorado has found that anyone can learn to fly fish.

Fly Fishing Classes

If you are a new angler wanting to learn to fly fish, we have some truly amazing offerings. Maybe you feel intimidated by the prospect of learning to cast a fly rod. We can teach you to fish, providing you with a great time on the water.  GEAR Colorado has educational offerings that will remove the intimidation factor. Please visit the GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Classes page to see the complete listing of our educational offerings.

In the off chance that GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing does not have an educational offering you are looking for, please let us know.


Fly Fishing Educational Outreach

educational offerings, bold betties,Are you a program director looking for the perfect activity to offer members of your organization?

The staff of GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing have had some truly amazing experiences in larger group settings. We have worked with a wide range of groups. They have included the likes of Project Healing Waters, The Bold Betties, and the Colorado Women Flyfishers. Our staff has given fly fishing educational offerings to the public in association with Orvis, Fly Fishers International, and local Trout Unlimited Chapters.

national fishing in schools program logoNational Fishing In Schools Program

Everyone at GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing loves working with kids. Because of this, GEAR Colorado has partnered with the National Fishing In Schools Program. We are using the curriculum developed the staff of the National Fishing In Schools Program to provide child specific educational offerings to help create new anglers and conservation minded future adults. GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing has purchased the complete NFSP equipment package. School districts or individual schools wishing to introduce this program into their curriculum can contact GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing now!

In 2019, our educational offerings will consist of week long fly fishing camps for kids between the ages of 10 and 15. The staff of GEAR Colorado has worked with child-centric programs like the Colorado Academy and the Boy Scouts of America.

GEAR Colorado is happy to customize a fly fishing program to meet your needs. Please visit our Educational Outreach page to see examples of our educational offerings.