Fly Fishing Educational Outreach Programs

GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing has a Fly Fishing Educational Outreach Program. We offer a wide range of options allowing us to serve different populations in addition to our standard guide services and classes.

You will find a brief description of a few of the offerings we have developed. If there is a fly fishing educational outreach program that you do not see but are interested in, please let us know.

Fly Fishing Educational Outreach Programs

The Colorado Academy Summer Camp Programs

  • Fly Fishing 101

Have you wondered what fly fishing is about? Maybe one of your parents or grandparents fly fishes. Join us for a fun filled week of learning to fly fish. In this week long camp you will learn everything from the basics of casting, learning where fish might be living, all the way up to catching a fish. We will cover everything that will make you a successful fly fisherman or fisher-woman. The camp will take place on campus with many days off campus exploring the rivers and ponds close to home. Sign up today and get in on this amazing camp. Even better, get a friend to sign up as well and then you will have a fly fishing buddy to go out with. Return to the Colorado Academy.

  • Fly Tying 101:

Want to add a little extra fun to your fly fishing? The staff of GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing and the Colorado Academy are excited to announce that we have a week long, half day fly tying camp. Campers will learn how to tie their own flies with instruction from experienced fly tiers. Instruction will include the tools and materials to tie your own flies. By the end of the camp you will have a working fly box that you can take on the water and catch fish. Included in the camp fee is a fly tying kit with the tools and materials to tie flies at home. Sign up for this camp today and learn a new hobby that you can share with others. The Colorado Academy Summer Camp is offering both a morning and afternoon session.

  • Fly Fishing 201

You joined us for the Fly Fishing 101 Camp and want to learn more advanced techniques to make you an even better fly fisher-person. The Fly Fishing 102 camp will teach you more advanced casting techniques along with a whole range of advanced fish catching techniques. We will spend a little more time learning about fish food like bugs. You will also learn more about the rivers and lakes near your home. We will look at how important clean water is to the world and what we can do to help preserve the fresh water you need to survive. A very special opportunity made available only to those who are attending the Fly Fishing 102 is an overnight experience in Estes Park, Colorado and a day of fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Boy Scouts of America Merit Badges

We at GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing are proud to be partners with the Boys Scouts of America. Our Head Guide, Graham Moran, is a certified Merit Badge Counselor. He loves helping young men and boys work on their Merit Badges. If you have a group of boys who wish to add a number of badges, we are happy to help. All of the BSA Merit Badges we are certified in are great compliments to the sport of fly fishing. Please contact us if you want help with these Merit Badges. To learn more about the Merit Badges we can offer visit the Boy Scouts of America website. Visit our contact form to request help with this Fly Fishing Educational Outreach offering.

Colorado Women Fly Fishers

  • Fly Tying: In partnership with the Colorado Women Fly Fishers, GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing has been able to offer evening fly tying classes. Typical gatherings have taken place at someone’s home. Our resident fly tier, Graham Moran has shared his experiences as a commercial fly tier with this great group of women.
  • Tenkara Trips: Coming Soon. GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing will be running tenkara trips with the Colorado Women Fly Fishers during the 2019 season here in Colorado. Additional details of this Fly Fishing Educational Outreach Program will be released in time.

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Educational Outreach Contact Form

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