Fly Fishing Trip 101

Booking a guide trip is an amazing way to learn about unfamiliar waters. Knowing what to expect from a guided trip with GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing will provide a maximum benefit to both you and your guide. Here is the Fly Fishing Guide Trip 101. This should answer most of your questions.

When booking a guided fly fishing trip with a guide service there are a few things to keep in mind. You as a paying client need to know what you want out of your trip.

1. Do you want to catch only trophy size fish or is the Tug the Drug and size doesn’t matter?

2. If you are doing a trip with someone who has less experience than you, do you want the focus to be on making them better anglers?

3. Did you book your guide trip to catch fish?  Maybe you want to learn additional techniques to add to your fly fishing experience?

These are questions you need to ask yourself before booking a trip with GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing. Having answered these questions will provide our guides with the keys to providing you with an exceptional trip. We have a passion for teaching people to fly fish and up their game.

Fish are wild animals, thus they do not behave the way humans want them to behave. Everyone has days where nothing appears to work. The best consolation that an angler can get is the chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the companionship of other anglers.
Trips with GEAR Colorado are considered by our clients as almost all inclusive experiences. We are able to provide the necessary equipment for a successful trip.

A guided trip will consist of either a 4 hour (1/2 Day Trip) or a 6 hour (1 Day Trip).

For the 4 hour trip (1/2 Day Trip), GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing will provide water and light snacks. For trips of 6 hours (1 Day Trip), water, a light snack, and lunch are provided by our staff.

GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing has partnered with a number of premium equipment brands. These partnerships allow us to furnish clients with all the necessary fly fishing equipment. We will provide waders, wading boots, rods and reels, and flies at no additional charge.

Every angler on a guided trip is required to have a valid Colorado Fishing License. Licenses can be purchased at many local fly shops, the Wal-Mart sports department. You can also purchase a license online from the Colorado Division of Wildlife site.

The staff of GEAR Colorado have a few expectations of our clients to make for an enjoyable trip. Safety of our clients and staff is the number one concern of GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing (see Safety Comes First!!! below). We expect every client to come with a small backpack of personal gear. (see the Client Gear List below).

The staff has a dedication to making fly fishing work for you! We expect you to come with an open mind and a burning desire to learn the subtle art of fly fishing. Clients with more experience are welcome with open arms! Because of this the guides of GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing will take you even deeper into the fly fishing world.

The following is the GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Client Gear List. We ask clients to personally provide these items for an enjoyable guided trip. If there are items that you cannot find please let your assigned guide know in advance of your scheduled trip. Some of the items can be provided to a client by the guides of GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing.

Required Gear

Colorado Fishing License: The State of Colorado requires that all anglers 16 and older have a valid state issued fishing license on them at all times. Anglers who need to buy a 1-day, 5-day, or annual license can visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife website and purchase their license. The guide for any trip will verify that all anglers have a valid fishing license before a trip or class starts. Please notify the guide in advance if you do not have a valid fishing license at that start of your trip.

Sunglasses: GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing requires all clients have sunglasses as they are considered safety gear. We suggest polarized lenses, allowing the angler to see into the water.

Personal Medication: Clients who are on medications that need to be taken during a guided trip are required to carry these with them. Please notify your guide of any and all medical conditions or medications that might affect your ability to walk over uneven terrain or affect you equilibrium in any way. Clients who require an EPI-Pen for severe allergies, GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing requires that they provide a personal EPI-Pen.

Rain Gear: Colorado weather can be fickle to say the least. It may be sunny on minute and raining the next or the exact opposite.


Sunscreen: Because of Colorado’s higher altitude GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing suggests a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 35. Of course, the higher the better. Our staff carries sunscreen in their First Aid kit.

A Brimmed Hat: All clients need either a baseball hat or wide brimmed hat. A hat protects the client from sun and misdirected fly rod casts. Our guides prefer a brim with a dark bottom to reduce the effects of glare off the water.

Snacks/Water:GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing will provide snacks and water for both 1/2 Day and Full Day trips. Clients are free to bring personal snacks if they wish. We ask that clients with food allergies provide their own food. If a client has a water bladder drinking system they are welcome to bring those as well.

Extra Clothes:Dry, warm clothes are suggested in the unlikely, but possible unintentional dunking.

Warm Socks: Waders are waterproof so a client’s feet will not get wet. Rivers are still chilly, thus keeping your feet warm makes for a much better day. GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing suggests a sock made of wool or wool blend. One of our favorite brands is Darn Tough of Vermont.

A Small Backpack: A personal backpack is great to have to carry the above items. It is also an awesome way to carry additional items i.e. cameras.
We thank you for your attention to the GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Client Gear List. Hopefully this list will make your trip planning that much easier in advance of your scheduled trip.

Your safety and the safety of our guides is paramount! All of the guides are First Aid and CPR Certified, as required by law. Each guide carries a fully equipped first aid kit on them at all times. If you have any personal health concerns, please make your guide aware of them. Clients with known allergies to food, plants or animals need to let their guide(s) know! Clients who need to take medications during the day are asked to bring them and keep medications on their person throughout the course of the guided trip. If medications need to be kept cool, a chilled cooler will be in the guide’s vehicle.
Giving your guide a tip is greatly appreciated. Our guides provide many amenities included in your guided trip out of their own pockets. Water, snacks, fly fishing supplies and in some cases, entry fees to fishing locations, and fuel to and from the water.

Tips can be given to guides as cash or added to the total charge applied to a credit card. The going rate for a tip is 20% of the total trip fee. If  you feel you received more than you expected from your guide, additional amounts are welcome.

If you do not feel that you got what you wanted out your guided trip, please let us know so that we can resolve any issues.
Cancellation and Refund Policy Guests may cancel their trip at any time. Trips cancelled 30-60 days in advance will not incur a penalty. GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing, LLC reserves the right to retain the 50% trip deposit if the trip is cancelled within 24 to 48 hours of the departure date. Trips paid in full and cancelled on the trip date are non-refundable.

Regulatory Information Section 12-55.5-105(I)(c) and 1(d), C.R.S. requires outfitters to be bonded and requires and outfitter to possess a minimum level of liability insurance. GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing, LLC is insured through Capitol Indemnity Corporation and bonded with Western Surety Company. Proof of insurance and bond is available upon request [Oral or Written]. The activities of outfitters are regulated by the Director of the Division of Professions and Occupations in the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). Outfitter # OUT.003240