GEAR Blogs

Looks like you found the GEAR Blogs page. You might be looking to add some additional fun to your trips with GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing. Or you just might be looking for something more to learn after a trip with us. And, you could have an interest in tenkara, the ancient Japanese style of fly fishing.

We are very proud to be able to offer you a number of blog options.

GEAR Colorado Guides Blog

gear blogs

From the start of the GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing operations, we attempted to do a Guides Blog. It is the intention of our staff to fill this blog up during the 2020 guide season. This has been a pet GEAR blog from the get-go.

The staff of GEAR Colorado will be posting trip reports and river condition reports. We are also hoping to offer equipment reviews for both rod and reel and tenkara gear.

Tenkara Grasshopper Central

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GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing is excited to be partnering with the crew of Tenkara Grasshopper Media Services. As partners, we will be transferring the TenkaraGrasshopper Blog to it’s own page here.

This is a huge project and will take some time for us to get all the posts moved. Along with the post migration, our editorial staff will be revisiting the old posts and cleaning up each post and in some cases completely rewriting a few. We want to thank you for your patience during this transition but hope that it will be a good change for everyone involved.

We could not be more excited to be bringing you this GEAR blogs offerings!