GEAR Colorado Guide Staff

We make fly fishing work for you! The GEAR Colorado Guide Staff are hand-picked to meet your fly fishing goals. We have spent countless hours vetting every member of our guide staff to provide a truly exceptional experience for every client.

Below you will find a brief bio for each of the guides working on the GEAR Colorado Guide staff. You can select a guide you wish to learn more about about following the link attached to their name.

All current GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Guide Staff are fully insured and bonded. The guides and instructors of GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing are First Aid and CPR trained.

GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Guide Staff

Graham Moran – Head Guide

graham tenkara grasshopper moran gear colorado guide staff
Graham with a Maine trout!!!

Mr. Moran is the Owner and Head Guide of GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing. The sport of fly fishing is an activity he loves to share with others. His primary goal as the Head Guide at GEAR Colorado is to make fly fishing work for you!!!!

To learn more about Graham or book a trip, click here.

Troy Anderson Senior Guide

Troy Anderson Senior Guide gear colorado guide staff
Troy’s Trophy Fish. Look at that smile!

Troy Anderson is the Senior Guide of GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing. Troy lives for fly fishing either wading or from a drift boat. This is the guy to take to you some outrageously beautiful locations throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

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Charlie Schoenherr Guide Coordinator

charlie schoenherr guide coordinator gear Colorado guide staff
Charlie with a Colorado Beauty!!!

Mr. Schoenherr is the Guide Coordinator for GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing. With extensive experience as a fly fishing instructor Charlie wants to see more people have fun fly fishing and will definitely make fly fishing work for anyone interested.

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Greg McCrimmon Backcountry Lead

Greg McCrimmon Backcountry Lead

For Greg, fly fishing is so much more than just fishing. It’s the adventure it leads you on. With a depth of knowledge in fly fishing and the outdoors that is seemingly unfathomable, Greg can give you an exceptional guided experience.

To learn more about Greg, or to book a trip, click here.

Phillip Chamberlain Education Lead

Phillip Chamberlain

For some people fly fishing is a hobby. Not for Phillip, oh no? Fly fishing is his passion. Teaching fly fishing is one of his driving forces in being a guide with GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing.

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