Graham Moran Head Guide

Graham “Tenkara Grasshopper” Moran

graham tenkara grasshopper moran, GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Guide Staff
Graham Moran is the head of the GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing Guide Staff. He has been a professional fly fishing guide for the last seven years. His addiction to fishing started when he was two years old. Fly fishing entered his life when he was sixteen. The last 25 years living in Colorado have allowed him to find his happy place on the waters in and around Colorado.He has a passion for teaching fly fishing, in hopes that others can find the same enjoyment he has. Besides being extremely well versed in fly fishing utilizing a rod and reel, he is even more well-known for his practice of tenkara. Tenkara is an ancient Japanese style of fly fishing using a collapsible rod with no reel and a fixed length of line. His nickname, Tenkara Grasshopper, or Grasshopper, comes from his position as Head Blogger and President of the Tenkara Grasshopper website.When he is not guiding. you will likely find him spending time with his beautiful wife and two amazing children.You can request Graham and experience and exceptional fly fishing experience utilizing a rod and reel or a tenkara rod.
“I can show you where the fish are, but I can’t set the hook for you! Although, sets are free!”A bumper sticker on the side of a drift boat.
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