National Fishing in Schools Program

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GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing is proud to announce that we have partnered with the National Fishing in Schools Program (NFSP) as part of our Educational Outreach Program. The program uses an interdisciplinary curriculum called Cast a Fly, Catch a Student (CAFCAS). Included in the curriculum are rubrics and assessments, designed to be implemented into physical education classes. Using fly fishing as an instructional tool, the CAFCAS aims to educate students about fish, insects, the aquatic environment, resource stewardship and conservation.

National Fishing In Schools Training

GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing has staff that are Certified Instructors and Certified Instructor Trainers. We will be offering certification classes to teachers who have an interest in bringing the program into their schools.

The training brought to you by GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing and the NFSP will instruct teachers in a number of areas:

  • The basics of casting a fly rod.
  • How to utilize the NFSP CasTarget featuring realistic images of fish, flies, to teach casting accuracy and consistency.
  • Identification of fish and bugs common to fly fishing.
  • How to safely set up a gymnasium for safe casting with multiple rods and participants.

For those schools who are not sure whether they want to pay for a Teacher Training, we at GEAR Colorado are happy to lead the classes.

The One Day Teacher Training

Teachers who complete the GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing CAFCAS Teacher Training will be able to use the Curriculum Kit. The Curriculum kit includes all of the equipment needed to execute the NFSP in their school. Included in the kit are rods and reels, and the CasTarget teaching aids, (valued at $3,500).

National Fishing in Schools Additional Information

To learn more about the NFSP program watch the video introduction here.

If, after watching the video, you would like to bring the CAFCAS program into your school contact us. Call Graham Moran at 303-520-8249 or email us at

GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing purchased the CAFCAS Curriculum Kit to introduce fly fishing to younger generations. Because we didn’t receive any donations from outside sources to pay for the Curriculum Kit, we will be charging a small fee for the use of the kit.