Premiere Guide Services

GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing is fortunate to announce a number of friendly partnerships with a selection of premiere guide services. These partnerships allow us access to many additional locations throughout Colorado and Wyoming.


Greg McCrimmon Backcountry Lead premiere guide services

Colorado has so much water and a plethora of fishable waters. Beacuse of this, GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing has partnered with a number of premiere guide services throughout Colorado.

Offerings include public and private water options for the discerning angler.

Check out the current offerings today. Then book a trip with us to the most spectacular locations throughout the state of Colorado.


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Have you ever drifted a boat down the Miracle Mile on the North Platte River in Wyoming? Maybe you have been thinking that a float down the North Platte River and Encampment River is now finally within reach? You are in luck, as we have joined in partnership with Kingfisher Drifters, LLC.

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