Robin Schmidt Women’s Lead

robin schmidt womens lead

Please welcome Robin Schmidt to
GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing. Robin has taken on the role of Women’s Lead for GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing.

She has been passionate about fly fishing for well over 25 years. She decided to hang up her long “comfy” career in  Software Engineering to take a giant leap into the world and industry of fly fishing.

Not just a guide, a writer as well

As a  a contributor for DUN Magazine and a self ascribed adventure junkie, Robin wrote a series of articles following her own journey as she reinvented herself  and her career in the outdoor industry.

After joining the Colorado Women Flyfishers  in 2017, Robin jumped feet-first into a Board of Directors position as Trips Co-Director. She helps coordinate over 16 trips a year for the organization (over 200 members at the end of 2018).

In the spring of 2018 she graduated from Colorado Mountain College’s Professional Fly Fishing Guide program. Robin was inspired (obsessed?) to see more women on the water and more women working in the fly fishing industry. She joined forces with others to help found a series of scholarship opportunities for women who want to gain entry into the industry.

Now, as the owner of River Betties, LLC , she has entered into a partnership with GEAR Colorado Fly Fishing, LLC  where she guides and works as the Director of Women’s Programs. Robin believes women bring very unique opportunities to the industry of fly fishing and is inspired to bring everything women have to offer to the sport, not just the other way around!

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